The Adjective

Because style is not for sale.

The Adjective

Because style is not for sale.

Why Adjective? Adjective is a word giving more information of the noun and pronoun that refer to. (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
Ones can define their own meaning to self style in our variety of innovated collections.

The Adjective is the multi-label boutique which distributes trendy and individuality clothing, accessories and shoes from all over the world. The core values of the store are “affordable, fashionable, unique, and provocative”.

The Adjective's customers are mainly in there 20's - 50's up, fashion-conscious, life style with character and understand added value on fashion products. Adjective store attracts to the modern working women's needs for branded, trendy clothes and affordable price.
Dr.Denim, Edwin, Fjallraven,
Nudie jeans, Siwy, Black
Orchid, Neuw, Swim And
Many More

Brands Lists
70% of the core merchandise is RTW, which has been divided into 2 categories: Jeans (40%), and Smart Casual wear (30%), and another 30% of the merchandise is shoes, handbag and fashion jewelry. Within these categories, a retail price range will be form 500 to 10,000 baths depending on the collection.

Where we're located


The first flagship store in the large lifestyle shopping complex in Thailand, located in the heart of shopping district of Bangkok. Location: 1st Floor, Central Court Zone, Central World Tel: 0-2613-1532


The second store we landed to serve our selective fashion items to all ADJectors who loves to stay away from urban traffic. We set ourselves on 1st Floor, IKEA Zone Tel: 0-2105-1722


The mini multi-label space on 2nd Floor of Paragon Department Store here provides full range of selective styles just only for the ADJectors to come by and try on our new arrivals in everyday. Location: 2nd Floor, Paragon Department Store, Men Trend Department Zone Tel: 09-2336-5974


The 2th branch of The Adjective presents in the new age shopping area in Bangkok. Location: Department Zone , 2nd Floor,

Central Plaza Ladprao

The third store we landed to serve our selective fashion items to all AdJectors who loves NUDIE JEANS , Fjallraven and Telic shoes . We set ourselves on G Floor, Near Promotion area. Tel 02-5411238